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About Ravin joints

Ravin Artificers Company with MSR brand name, designer and top manufacturer of car front parts was established in Tabriz city in 1389 with the aim of producing all kinds of front parts for domestic and foreign cars in order to help the growth and development of the country’s industry.

The high variety of products along with the unique quality and reasonable price of the products has made Ravin Articulator to become one of the most successful front parts manufacturers in the country in this short period of time.

In 1400, Ravin Jointers Company was honored to be awarded the title of the exemplary unit of motive power and auto parts of East Azarbaijan Province, and in 1401, it was honored to be awarded the title of nationally selected automobile and the best national and provincial producer.

Also, Ravin’s jointing company has the honor of cooperating with the car manufacturers of the country and brands with the name of the country.

All production parts of the jointers collection are produced from zero to one hundred by this collection, and also some parts of this company are exclusively produced and have a patent certificate.

The products of Ravin Joints Company have national standards, approval of the automobile manufacturer, and comprehensive quality management certificates ISO9001:2015, IATF1964:2016 from DQS Germany.

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