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What is exhaust?

The car exhaust system is made of different parts, the source of the exhaust is one of the most important parts and plays an important role in the main function of the exhaust. In any vehicle, the presence of a part called exhaust is necessary so that the chemical reactions that occur in the engine are somehow removed from the vehicle, otherwise they will lead to an explosion.


Of course, it goes without saying that this system has many other applications that actually help the environment. In this article, we intend to address one of the parts of this system, which is called the exhaust source, muffler, or exhaust storage, and learn more about its uses.

The source of the exhaust or muffler is one of the parts installed at the end of the car exhaust, which is responsible for reflecting the sounds resulting from the combustion inside the engine so that the smoke and gases coming out of the exhaust do not come out with an ear-splitting sound. The exhaust source is also known as the exhaust stack, and its failure causes noise pollution

The fourth part of this system, which is called the exhaust source, is installed at the end of the exhaust inside or in its storage and has perforated pipes that are placed together as a set. The base of the exhausts are made of chambers and insulators with fiberglass roving to create better interference in the output sound.


This part acts like acoustic walls and prevents the sound of engine combustion from penetrating outside. In other words, the sound waves that are produced are reflected by the exhaust source and eventually disappear.

This part, with its special design, reduces and moderates the amount of reflection and sounds produced by the engine as much as possible so that it does not scratch the ears. By combining the sound waves and neutralizing each other, the exhaust source makes the sound not bother you.


What happens if there is no exhaust source?

Imagine that a very high-intensity sound from the loudspeaker reaches your ears! How do you feel! Your ears will definitely hurt. Now the importance of the existence of the exhaust source or the warehouse is in this point!

If this source does not exist, the smoke from combustion will come out of the exhaust with very long wavelengths and without any obstacles, and eventually your ears will witness very irritating and annoying sounds.

Double exhaust actually does nothing to reduce noise; Maybe a low percentage of the sound produced by the two tubes will happen, but it still won’t completely mix the sound. By installing two exhaust pipes, you have actually considered two exit paths for smoke, and none of them have a wall to capture the length of the sound waves, and they will not be of any use to break the wavelength.

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